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How to place orders on

Step#1 Finding Transey

Type into your URL bar.

On the homepage you will find a place where you can place an order order.

But before you can make an actual order, you will need to sign up. Don't worry, registering is free.

Step#2 Registering your account


Click on the Register button on top of the page or Sign Up for Free on the bottom to get to the registration page.

Once there, you will need to fill up a very short registration form to proceed.

When you filled every field, click on the „Register“ button on the bottom of the form.

You will receive a verification link to the email you specified during registration.

Only after you verified your email address will you be able to Login.

After logging in you will be able to place an order.

Step#3 Placing an order

Placing an order consists of 3 parts:


1. Select Language (Selecting the source and targeted language from the menu)

2. Type Text (When clicking on the box, an editor will open where you can type in or copy your text)

When you have inserted your text, click on the „Calculate Price“ button to continue with the order


3. Start Project (This part will show you our offer depending on how many words need to be translated)

Also, if you wish to push your order to the top of our list, you can enable „Rush Mode“ and your order will be of much higher priority. This service will cost extra, depending on the language chosen and words inserted.

NOTE: If your order value is less than $3, then the system will automatically charge the minimum of $3 to your order. All order values above $3 are calculated normally.

Step #4 Finalizing your order


Here you can see an overview of your order to check if everything is exactly as you wanted.

We accept two types of payment, Paypal and Paxum.

When you have finished verifying that you made the correct order and chose the type of payment you can click on “Confirm your order and pay” which will bring you to either Paypal or Paxum account from where you will pay for your order.

Once the order is paid, it will appear in our system as PAID and we can start working on your order.

Step#5 Checking the status of your order


By clicking onto your username on top of the page and choosing My Orders, you will be able to track the status of your order.


When your order status changes from In Progress to Completed, your Order Number will convert into a link which will contain the translated text.

Customer Feedback

I was invited to take part in the beta trial of Transey, and the fact that it was 50% cheaper than 1hour translations shocked me. I got spot-on translations, done by a French speaker, for my landing page; he even advised how some things should be changed so it sounded more professional in France
Anton K Media Buyer
I heard about Transey a year ago on STM, and thought back then: “This is a service I am going to be using all the time for my campaigns.” Too bad it took so long to launch, but now finally I am real happy I can be a customer. After placing a few test orders, I confirm that this service is top-notch
Satinder B. Affiliate Marketer
I used freelancers for all my translations, but it was such a drag. They kept “cheating” and using Google translations and I just hated the hassle. I tried other services like 1hour, but their price of US14¢ per word was insane so I kept using fiverr. Glad Transey is finally here; it’s a life-saver
Adam McEwen Advertising Director

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