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Customer Feedback

I was invited to take part in the beta trial of Transey, and the fact that it was 50% cheaper than 1hour translations shocked me. I got spot-on translations, done by a French speaker, for my landing page; he even advised how some things should be changed so it sounded more professional in France
Anton K Media Buyer
I heard about Transey a year ago on STM, and thought back then: “This is a service I am going to be using all the time for my campaigns.” Too bad it took so long to launch, but now finally I am real happy I can be a customer. After placing a few test orders, I confirm that this service is top-notch
Satinder B. Affiliate Marketer
I used freelancers for all my translations, but it was such a drag. They kept “cheating” and using Google translations and I just hated the hassle. I tried other services like 1hour, but their price of US14¢ per word was insane so I kept using fiverr. Glad Transey is finally here; it’s a life-saver
Adam McEwen Advertising Director

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