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Many people requiring translations face a huge problem: paying too much for their translations.

We realized that when we needed translations quickly, companies and translators would take advantage of this and bill us crazy rates... and we began to wonder why.

It turns out companies are adding on mega profit margins for themselves and not prioritizing customer experience. We wanted to change that, so here we are!

Our prices start at US6¢ per word, rising to US9¢ per word depending on the language.

You can use our cost calculator – on the main page right here – to get an idea of the total cost.

We accept payment via all major credit cards, Paypal and Paxum.

Our versatile services include the ability to translate inside HTML code, as well as software localisation files or your favorite document type, for example Microsoft Word or Excel.

We can also access Google Docs, spreadsheets, ZOHO and other cloud-based software so it’s really easy to submit your translations.

Customer Feedback

I was invited to take part in the beta trial of Transey, and the fact that it was 50% cheaper than 1hour translations shocked me. I got spot-on translations, done by a French speaker, for my landing page; he even advised how some things should be changed so it sounded more professional in France
Anton K Media Buyer
I heard about Transey a year ago on STM, and thought back then: “This is a service I am going to be using all the time for my campaigns.” Too bad it took so long to launch, but now finally I am real happy I can be a customer. After placing a few test orders, I confirm that this service is top-notch
Satinder B. Affiliate Marketer
I used freelancers for all my translations, but it was such a drag. They kept “cheating” and using Google translations and I just hated the hassle. I tried other services like 1hour, but their price of US14¢ per word was insane so I kept using fiverr. Glad Transey is finally here; it’s a life-saver
Adam McEwen Advertising Director

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